They are lovely

Every time as our pastor is going to announce Bible test, then every member of this church will be very excited…… me also …….ha ha.
Actually i dont like test since i was in school till now. Yes, i like reading but not the test. It make me nervous!
But friends, there will be a lot of different kinds test in our live. Sometimes as we face difficulty whatever is financial, career, relationship, hurts, health, lost, marriage …etc.There are becoming tests in our live.  Sometimes is unexpected happening or the result caused by own mistaken or even sins, we will suffer the pain. Not only the person get involved but others related as well.
The Bible tells us already what we will be facing no matter you are christian or non christian. When the problem come, we will easily get complaint n grumble. Dear friends, as we start to complain n grumble then we will make the problem more deeper n secrious. U know why?
Negative always attracts negative, positive positive. Grumble or complain  is a negative prayer n worry is negative meditate.
I am christian. Of cause i have problems too cos i still live on earth. Unless i now in heaven ha ha! But Bible tells me to pray, praise n worship the Lord Jesus for His love n mercy n grace. Trust in the Word of God no matter how situation is. God’ s help always  in time  though the journey not easy.
Uncle aunty sitting for the Bible test. I just put them cos they are lovely……Ohh…, dont get wrong n ask why only uncle aunty? Where are the young adults n youth…? We have many young people in church lah…