(Pre wedding 4)- Shooting in the rain

I very like out door photography though sometimes it is very hot. However i enjoy  most of the time. By the way i can exercise cos lazy to keep fit after job n always late as i go home. I like to play badminton, after getting hurt on my angle i totally gave up cos that angle realy get pain each time after play ……

Therefore i will enjoy out door shooting even i get sweat a lot sometimes. It feel ” cool ” n ” release ” ……ha ha……

But this time we were shooting in the rain……! we took 2 days to shoot out door, 1 day was in the town area n the other day  we went to Samathan beach where was far from town. First day every thing went well in town shot but the 2nd……

As we were happily driving to the destiny, we made fun all along the way. Just about half an hour to arrive suddenly a big big dark cloud rushed against us. It looked terrible n started to drop ” bom ” ….. Then all silent just only radio. Few minutes later i talked to them dont worry cos my ” Father ” will give us good day la. As for me, it was coffee time. Ya, what can we do? I felt that  they were very very upset. Of cause lah, if it were u ?

So, we went to eat lunch. Just simply ordered fried rice n wait till the rain stop.
I prayed to God : O Lord, pls give us a good day so we can finish shooting,but non stop raining still for hours.
Wow, very surprised as we saw the fried rice came to us……! Unbelievable so delicious n sharp look ……! I tell u really God bless cos very cheap of cause not free la.

Then we had to make a move cos couldnt wait anymore, so we got started. Cut the story short we were glad n happy at the end. Tq God.

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