An unforgetable pre-wedding shoot

They are my friends now. When we first time met  in my studio, they gave me a  good feeling. They said they would like to go to Malaca to have pre wedding shot cos they wanted something different background n scenery  from Kuching.
They are nice people, easy to discuss. Actually i very expected to take their photo – pre wedding n actual wedding & wanted to make my studio photo sample. Finally they agreed to let me to ” kill ” their film shot……!

During the journey of photo shot from Malaca to KL 4 days 3 nights, we were non stop talking……One thing very sad was as we reached French Village we could not have any shooting there cos it was not allowed to do shooting in week end n even our tourist agent dint know too. So we were not being informed about that. U know form KL to F V very far journey……I saw how disappointment they were……Me, as a photographer n friend try the best to comfort them dont worry lah, still a lot of nice place ……

Sadly again, after KL & Malaca, they had booked me to Sabah for beach shooting. They were  very like there sea view. We were informed just a day before we fly to Sabah saying the flight cancelled due to some reason……Wow, one again……! By the way, their wedding was around the corner. Less than one n half month to go. I haven done their album……

Due to short time, we decided to take local beach shooting. I suggested to them Samathan beach was also very nice n beautiful place. After all shooting, i saw their face filled with happiness as they saw all photo taken effect. I think, they will hardly to forget the happening in the journey.

As for me, i thank God n give all the glory to Him.

This is the album designed photo, i just can do simple only……their photos also put into my wedding gallery no 9 ( full size ).

Here is Samathan beach n village view  : Is it beautiful?

Their actual wedding album designed :