(Pre wedding 3) Humble is good

I think or may be sometimes we have many concepts about those work in design field.  I was felt like that……We think they will give us a lot of their  demands. And because of that we become moody and unhappy in mind, even not need to speak out but our eyes & ways are revealing. I was that too…..
I realized why i was like that. Very simple – i was a bit  pride so that i not easy accept others ( considering mine was better ). Too Bad! It caused me eyes blocked & rejected many good ideals i guess now.
Since this couple i took, i  learned to put down myself. The bridegroom  is a comic book designer or drawer in S’ pore.
How good it is to be humble, no preasure & feel relax. Of cause i have to confess
that sometimes ” old sick ” come out again. But i quickly repent to God & pray that give me a humble heart. You know learn to humble is not easy. However, i need learning it. I still learn it. I had had hurt people & even my lovely wife before cos that kind attitude.
Thanks God for His mercy n kindness. He helps me seeing my weakness so i can to repent n learn being corrected. Although i just a small common human on earth, I want to be a humble person.
After this couple shooting i discover that i can easily open my mind to others  . So good it is ……I found that so blessed is that as people start to give their ideals to me then i will be more benefited & do the job better.Tq