The “feel” of photography still lives today

Hei,this is the first time i write ” something ” in my blog.I was Chinese educated and since school time i was not interested in studying & writing,and now i have to write in English,ha ha ha……You know why,cos i really regret i dint study well in English and i very like to travel all over the world to capture the beauty,
but i will try my best to learn.Simple simple one is ok lah right now…..ha ha……Hope u don’t mind and as long as u can get it.
Every single photo tells a story.Sometimes as u see the photo u will try to find out what & why.
When i was in high school senior 2,i found myself felt strong interesting in photography as one day i saw those photo modelĀ  contest in school.It really
made me crazy n getting ” hot ” in it.After i bought the first SLR camera though was cheaper one ( cos that time no money la ),all day long my brain was filled with how i was going to shoot,whom wanted to be my model (of cause was free,they were all my classmate ),as came to school break time i surely rushed into library to search for every single photography magazine,no matter some magazines were already in old ages!Even i thought i was going to be photographer after school graduation in a short years.
All these photo were taken by film,most of them were black & white.Those photos already had had more than 10 years lo……! I just put some & pls take
a time to see.tq

I was so impressed by her tooth!